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  • ICONIC Logo Design.

    We use symbols or icons to depict your logo. An iconic logo is a visual representation of your brand. We use abstract or figurative representation to represent your products or services.

  • Illustrative Logo Design.

    We use illustrations to create your illustrative logo design. We add depth and detail to each object or character in the logo for a better representation.

  • Wordmark Logo Design.

    If you are someone who prefers simplicity, then this logo is for you. A wordmark logo design is a simple logo design that does not include any symbols or badges.

  • 3D Logo Design.

    Make your logo look real with a 3D logo design. It is a logo that is created in a three-dimensional space.

  • Abstract Logo Design.

    It’s a kind of pictorial representation. Instead of a recognizable image, an abstract logo contains an abstract form of the image representing your business.

  • Flat Logo Design.

    Flat logo design is all about playing with simple wordings, simple shapes, bold typography, and bright colors to make up for the lack of textures and gradient in a logo.

  • Realistic Logo Design.

    The name says it all. It’s a logo based on using graphics and effects that makes the logo look real. It’s more like a 3D logo, but it isn’t created in three-dimensional space.

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Our team

One thing we consider ourselves the best is our teamwork and expertise. We have the best experts in town. We handpicked all of them from different industries with years and years of experience. With such an experienced team offering top logo design services, we instantly know what our customers want, and we deliver it on time.

We know the importance of a logo!

A logo is the face of the company. It represents your company and increases brand awareness. Our experienced team knows that a logo can either build up your reputation or ruin it. They want your business experience to be right; hence, they focus on creating the perfect logo.

Why do you need a logo?

A professional logo design services are not just small pictures; it is one of the primary structural blocks your organization needs to assemble a definite brand personality. Utilizing it in different areas of your business, such as online site, bundles, packages, names, online media, printed materials, and so on, get your image the genuinely necessary permeability and make your name in the logo design services in US. A logo becomes ageless when it exceptionally distinguishes your idea from your rivals. If it gives a perspective on the business in just one look, at that point, it's a memorable logo! Each company is unique, and its prerequisites are distinctive as well. That is the motivation behind why we, at The Design Symmetry, furnish you with a custom logo plan at the most moderate cost around in US logo design services industry.

Why us?

High-quality vector graphics

Our logo designer consistently remembers that the logo they make will be utilized across various stages and different purposes. We generally utilize high-quality vector graphics. We realize that your logo will be utilized in more than one product. Besides, an excellent vector picture will empower it to be multi-utilitarian.

Creative designs

Our Logo creators stand apart by staying away from ordinary designs. They have to infuse different sizes, textual styles, or pictures that give our customers a serious competitive edge in the custom logo design services industry.


A logo is being utilized across different stages. They are likewise used for various purposes to separate them from the competition. Our logo planners consistently remember this point and ensure that the logos are multi-functioned.

Avoid cluttering

Less is more! Having a logo that is loaded up with images and designs is never a smart idea. We make a straightforward plan and construct a brand personality that makes an exemplary allure instead of a cluttered one.

The Work We Have Done

Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of our creativity.

The Design Symmetry Team

The Design Symmetry has hired the best people in the industry. We have handpicked professionals who have years of experience and the creative skills to deliver impeccable services. Our experts also make sure that they stay in touch with the customers to make sure all their requirements are fulfilled.

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Logo Design Features

A logo design is made of a number of elements – text, colors, images, symbols, etc. We make sure that we use the mix of these elements diligently. We make sure that we encompass the following:

Perfect Typography

When it comes to a logo, typography matters, we are proud to say that we provide all kinds of typography suitable for all types of businesses.

Unique Designs

Our dedicated team is extremely creative and talented. They quickly offer unique designs according to your requirements.

Various Logo Types

We offer all kinds of logos, depending on the client’s needs. We make sure that the logos we design suit their products.

Award Winning Designers

The Design Symmetry is proud to have designers from different backgrounds with years of experience in the field.

24/7 Consultancy

We care about our customers. Hence we are available for them no matter what time it is. We are always ready to hear your questions, input, and feedback.

100% Ownership

Whatever we design belongs to our customers. We make sure never to use them for other purposes.

Money Back Guarantee

If, in any case, we are unable to comply with your requirements or fail to give you your logo, We shall refund your money on time.

Industry Specific Designers

Apart from creativity, our designers are selected according to each industry to fulfill all your needs quickly.

Various File Formats

To suit all your needs, we provide our logo designs in various file formats so that you can easily use it.

Our Process

We have a streamlined process that enables our workflow to become efficient.

Design Brief

A design brief includes all the details and requirements that a customer wants. Our team makes sure to take all the details and information correctly.

Brainstorm & Analyse

After that, our team sits together, brainstorms on your input, and analyzes how they can start your logo.

Digital Designing

After brainstorming and analyzing, we move to bring our ideas to life. We make the logo design and send it to the customer for approval.


If the customer feels something missing or something needs to be added, they let us know and revise it for them.

What Our Customers Say About Us

The Design Symmetry provides businesses with the best design solutions to give a unique brand impression.

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